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NEW Cracker Bites

our passion is to make delicious and inclusive snacks.

“these crackers have improved my life so much,
I can’t eat wheat or corn and I love snacking.
It’s so great to grab a bag and not have to bake
something for myself.”

- Libby

"thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking about our little ones and stepping up to create these amazing products and make food inclusive for all kids"

- Dana

"these are AMAZING! They aren't just for kids,
I eat one before my workout every day!"

- Alexandra

“i’m literally avoiding telling my hubby how yummy they are
so I can have them for myself.”

- Angela

made in our dedicated bakery & free of the top 9 priority allergens

all FreeYumm products are made in our dedicated allergen-free bakery and designed specifically to protect you, your family and your friends living with food allergies.

Our home is a busy one, with three really active kids who aren’t shy about telling you what they think! Whether eating food at the schoolyard, or ball game, FreeYumm gives me food I know my kids will gobble up.

Jennifer D.

My kid was immediately obsessed… and I munched through a whole bag!

N. O’Reilly

These were AMAZING!! My son is anaphylactic to milk, all nuts, and eggs. We were so excited to find a YUMMY and SAFE granola bar. Thanks!!!