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Black Lives Matter

After explaining to my son the details of George Floyd’s murder, he looked at me with the biggest eyes that only a child can produce… for the first time in his life they were filled with the uncomprehending sadness of a child who has realized that the world isn’t full of goodness and light… the realization that human beings do really bad things to one another for a reason called racism. I could see that his mind was not able to make sense of it, and he kept asking “What is wrong with people, mom? Why would they do that to him?… What is wrong with people?” I could tell that he desperately needed me to explain it to him, to help him make sense of it. I was sad because I didn’t have the words to explain… 


  • Why do some humans give hate?
  • Why does my son get to live in a safe and innocent bubble that is free of fear, while black children must be taught by their parents at an early age how to survive when outside the home?
  • Why do black mothers have to watch their children leave every day, knowing that the color of their skin might be the reason they never come home?
  • Why is my son’s natural innocence a reflection of his skin color?

My frustration and inability to explain these realities to my son quickly lead me to a feeling of helplessness… And then equally quickly to the simple conclusion that there is always more that can and must be done. My work as a parent, leader and co-worker must never let up.  For our families, your families, and all our communities, we at FreeYumm will ensure;

  • We never stop educating our children on racism, tolerance, and love.
  • We inspire hope, kindness, and empathy.
  • We lead by example.
  • We reach out and support those in need.
  • We pressure our political representatives and law enforcement to work for all of us.
  • We speak up… never grow tired of speaking up.

FreeYumm stands for inclusivity of all, and equal treatment of all.

Our brand was built on inclusion, kindness and empathy – with all families and the whole community at the core.

We are a team of multi races and diverse backgrounds. We are a team that cares about community and our broader global society. I feel passionately that change must start in the home, and that every one of us is a leader with a duty to lead by example. As a leader, I will find tangible actions that my family and my company can do to drive change every day. Let’s all find our own small ways to lead and be part of the change.