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The Halloween Fairy

By Lisa Rutter


My family and I are so excited about Halloween this year! Every year we all look forward to having a visit from the Halloween Fairy. My kids still go out and collect candy like all of the other children, but when they get home, they have a special gift left inside our house from the Halloween Fairy. They immediately drop the candy they collected and rip into their special gift. They could careless about what they collected that evening because they know they have something way better and safe waiting for them.  They always say before we go out in costumes, “I wonder what the Halloween Fairy is leaving us this year.”


I always have a lot of fun putting these buckets together for my kids. I fill them with peanut and nut free candy and then I put items like toys, books, stickers, games and DVD’s inside. My husband then takes all of the candy we collected that evening to work for his co-workers to enjoy. You can also donate your candy if you don’t plan on keeping it. Here is a cool idea called Halloween Candy BuyBack.


To learn more about the Halloween Fairy and how this started, please visit my blog Halloween Traditions for Families with Food Allergies.


Have a Happy and Safe Halloween


Short Bio: My name is Lisa Rutter and I live in MI with my husband and three children. My 10 year old son was diagnosed with life threatening food allergies at the age of three. I am the Founder of No Nuts Moms Group and the Director of Support Group Development at the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team. (FAACT)