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FreeYumm Expands Production Capacity

In an effort to meet the growth of the snacking industry, particularly the demand for wholesome plant-based options, convenience and specialty diets, FreeYumm has moved to a larger production facility in Vancouver, BC.

The move allows FreeYumm to greatly expand strategic operations and accelerate the innovation of our allergen-friendly snack products. The new 23,000 square foot facility provides FreeYumm with more breathing room and 20 times the capacity for production.

“Snacking has been on the rise for the past few years – it’s grown to be an 89 billion dollar industry,” says Michelle Buffardi, VP of Digital Editorial, Food Network. According to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., “increasing awareness regarding health and wellness benefits” is likely to be a key trend driving the market. Phil Kafarakis, President, Specialty Food Association says, “convenience, protein, better-for-you options and healthful eating” are some of the overarching trends driving growth in the snacking market.

FreeYumm’s new facility is a big step forward from our previous location in North Vancouver with more space for innovation, administration and warehousing. Just like our previous bakery, FreeYumm’s new home is a dedicated facility, which means none of the top 9 allergens are allowed onsite. Our cheerful packaging and school-friendly promise makes FreeYumm a perfect snack for kids. According to “Global Kids Snacks Market Research Report 2018” by QYResearch, the kids’ snacking market is predicted to grow at double the growth rate of the global snacking category as a whole.

The move to a larger facility represents a long-term investment in the future of FreeYumm, and for allergen-friendly snack foods overall. And we’re not slowing down any! Keep your eye on our Instagram to find out what’s coming next!