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FreeYumm gives back: 1% Feeds Hungry Kids

You may have noticed a new emblem – 1% Feeds Hungry Kids – printed on our packages. 1% Feeds Hungry Kids is an initiative we setup at FreeYumm to support childhood learning and growth. This initiative, paired with community partnerships, have ensured that more disadvantaged and hungry kids have access to healthy food.  See below for more details, and as always thank you for your support!


At FreeYumm, we are focused on producing inclusive snacks. We choose allergen-friendly ingredients and processes so that no one is left out at snack time. Sadly, access to regular healthy snacks and meals isn’t the reality for many kids.       

We are continuously working to feed kids and their families. Our team’s passion for this project is rooted in the belief that kids are our most precious responsibility. By providing nourishing snacks that fill little tummies, FreeYumm is helping to build a foundation that enables kids to learn and thrive.

“The idea that children live with so much anxiety around food – knowing that they probably won’t be fed at home and over the weekend – breaks my heart.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   – Sarah Clarke, FreeYumm Founder

This is why FreeYumm is pledging to contribute 1% of its annual sales to feeding hungry kids. FreeYumm is currently partnered with Backpack Buddies, working hand-in-hand to help fill the weekend hunger gap for children. Click here to donate and learn more!