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Meet Canadian Climber: Liz Rose

We’ve often known our grab n’ go snacks were typically used for road trips, airplane travel or school lunches, but ever since we had the great pleasure of meeting up with Elizabeth Rose a few weeks ago, the scope of “grab n’ go” snacking has been taken to new heights!

Elizabeth Rose is born and raised in Vancouver and is currently the youngest Canadian to climb the Seven Summits, which is the highest mountain on each continent, including Mount Everest. Liz’s next goal is to climb K2 (the second highest mountain in the world). No Canadian woman has climbed it before. She hopes to be the first! Her climb is this summer from June – August 2019.

Liz has been training hard and prepping for her climb by sleeping in an altitude tent, and gathering what she needs to pack her bags. There are quite a few necessities that Liz packs, such as: ice axe and crampons (climbing tools), plenty of water for the day, energy chews (Cliff or Stinger), sunscreen, headlamp and extra batteries, warm mitts, sunglasses, goggles and encouraging letters from family and friends to open at basecamp.

Little did we know, FreeYumm bars are Liz’s favourite snack on the trail and in addition to all the equipment listed above, she wanted to bring FreeYumm again on K2! Liz told us that “dealing with a nut allergy in the mountains is not always easy” and that she’s “tried many nut-free bars but FreeYumm is the perfect size for the short breaks” she takes “but more importantly, they are easy on [her] system to digest at high altitudes and they taste great!”

We are so excited for Liz to start on her next adventure. We wish you the best of luck Liz!